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Here you will find articles about Munch’s drawings if you wish to learn more.

The Drawings of Edvard Munch. An Introduction

There is something special about drawings. Why does the art-lover’s heart often beat a little faster on seeing them?

About the Project

The work on this catalogue raisonné of Edvard Munch’s drawings has been a three-year project, and many professional groups have been involved in the process; paper conservators, librarians, photographers, IT experts, and art historians.

About Edvard Munch’s sketchbooks

180 sketchbooks – a seismographic record of Munch’s thoughts and ideas.

The story of the dog 'Rolle', a story of a classic Norwegian neighbours' dispute

All the ingredients are there; gross accusations, vitriolic slander, reports to the police, petitions, furious exchanges.